Wednesday, January 22, 2014

News from Florida

This is from Ruthe Sholler who is in FL until May....keeping busy and doing great things.

As a 2nd V.P. of The Southwest Florida Pastel Society, I was invited to 
participate in a community project designated to introduce the dry
medium, soft Pastel to "At Risk" Students in the Florida Town of
Immokalee. The population there, consists of Migrant workers from
Mexico, Guatemala and, also; Seminole Indians. I have been conducting an After School program, 2:30-3:30, for the past 3 weeks, @ The Immokalee High School,
then I drive across the Street to teach from 4-5 P.M., to the Middle School participants, one day per week. I am accompanied by 2 other members of SWFPS. We work as a team promoting interest and the use of the Pastels. We also gift the students with Pastel Packets. They are incredibly appreciative for our efforts
and the medium. Some may not have a house, as we know it, to live in!
We're working under the direction/auspices of the United Arts Council of
Collier County, Naples, Florida. I'm mentoring one boy, 16 years old. He displays 
quite a lot of talent. I doubt he has any money for college. he has,however;
expressed a strong desire to study film animation. This has become a very
important part of my life here.